Thin wall bearing maintenance and repair methods have?

by:Waxing     2020-12-08
Thin wall bearing ( Such as cross section thin-walled bearing) Its structure and angular contact ball, just small thickness, the width of the narrow, processing is difficult. Such as cross section thin-walled ball bearing is mainly used in aerospace, medical machinery and mechanical apparatus and other industries, have very strict requirements on the installation space. Due to the high accuracy requirement, characteristics of processing is difficult, at present, such as cross section thin-walled ball bearing is still mainly rely on import. Thin wall bearing maintenance step 1, first remove the wheels, remember to put away their screw, off trouble. 2, remove the bearing, the wheel core is very tight, bearing is hard to tear open come down to, with the hexagon wrench ( Is that a screw) It hard to dig down, rest assured, bearing it is not easy to bad! 3, use first toothbrush brushes off the dirt on the surface of the palin, you don't do this step, not bad! 4, some bearing side cover is removable, others are not, to determine whether you are a perlin detachable. How to judge? Don't worry! If at the edge of the bearing side cover, there is a C shape ring, is removable, no, is not to hurt, but there are exceptions. 5, if it is removable, is very simple! Precision screwdriver with a word, in the C ring gap, to pry up the C ring, then side cover off, as long as the demolition side would be great! C ring and side cover charge is good, wait for the washing you 'may' want to put them back! 6, if it is not detachable, is trouble! Want to use the method of damage type. With precision screwdriver into the side cover of the seam, forcibly pry up the side cover, don't doubt, that's right, but the side cover can't go back! Well, to lose! Remember, as long as the down side, open on both sides is ruined! 7, all the bearing side side cover removed, you can begin to wash! Scouring oil into the bowl, mixed bearing threw a stir. A: thin wall bearing under the heat treatment process to understand the long position of an article: simple diagnosis and precise diagnosis of rolling bearings
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