The difference between the cold rolled and hot rolled - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
The improvement in the condition of cold forming spring ( Cold roll) In the condition of cold forming of the spring typically under 10 mm in diameter or thickness. Cold forming spring knife heat treatment process: with cold-rolled steel plate, steel strip and cold drawn steel wire spring, due to the cold plastic deformation reinforcement materials, has reached the requirements of the spring performance. So the spring just within the scope of around 250 ℃ after forming, heat preservation of around 30 min to deal with the stress, to eliminate internal stress produced by cold forming springs, and helping to shape spring. Under the thermal state forming the spring ([2] Hot roll) In the condition of hot forming of the spring in more than 10 mm in diameter or thickness. Thermoforming spring heat treatment process: using this method forming spring most of the hot forming and heat treatment together, and the spiral spring, mostly in the heat treatment after hot forming. Of the spring steel heat treatment is the temperature quenching + tempering, organization for tempering sorbite after heat treatment. The elastic limit and yield limit is high, and there is a certain toughness. In order to ensure that the plasticity and toughness coil spring and so on various negative performance, we should choose hot roll here.
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