The applicable scope of needle roller bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
There are many types of needle roller bearing, are entities ferrule needle roller bearings, needle roller bearings, drawn cup needle roller bearing and so on, let's look at what are these bearings applicable scope: 1, entity ferrule needle roller bearing: common entity ferrule needle roller bearing is NA and RNA. Scope of application: entity ferrule needle roller bearing used in machine tools, automobile gearbox more, it has the advantage of radial cross section size, bearing radial load is big, standard entity ferrule needle roller bearing has the cage, so high speed, can meet the requirements for machine tools, automobile gearbox. 2, needle roller and cage components: needle roller and cage components, is in fact no ring needle roller bearing, scope of application: this kind of bearing used in gearbox more, motorcycle, automobile connecting rod is big, small end, it is due to the high temperature in the cylinder, so the bearing resistance to high temperature. 3, drawn cup needle roller bearing: this kind of bearings have perforation type and sealing mouth two kinds, drawn cup needle roller bearings without inner ring, needle direct contact with the surface of the shaft, so the machining accuracy and heat treatment hardness should be of the shaft and bearing inner ring is the same. Scope of application: have a cage stamping outer ring needle roller bearing is suitable for high speed and overloading, used in machine tools, automobile, motorcycle transmission or textile machinery; No stamping ring needle roller bearing cage, because of the full needle, suitable for heavy load under the working conditions, such as plane frame, the shaft end of the main wing, etc. Scope: 4, needle roller bearings and printing machinery, grass machinery, agricultural machinery, CNC equipment guide roller, transmission lines, etc.
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