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Rolling bearing testing, assembly, storage workshop environment quality requirements

by:Waxing     2020-11-13
Rolling bearing testing workshop, assembly and storage, 2019 - environmental quality requirements 11 - 17 no railway wagon axle box double row tapered roller bearing is an important part of a railway vehicle, in use, a rolling bearing but failure will directly endanger the train running safety, light person can cause delays and midway uncouple, the person that weigh can cause vehicle derailment and train subversion and other major fault, the country and people's life and property losses. 1. In the workshop air cleanliness & diams; Qualitative check visual requirements: rolling bearing testing, assembly, storage in the workshop may not have obvious fly ash in the air, on the special test board can not have obvious dust layer. White cloth inspection: the clean white cotton shirting, Shall not use cotton silk, towels, or white gauze) When wiping may not have obvious stains. ♦ Quantitative inspection for special test board for a quantitative test, 24 h of dustfall shall meet the following requirements: bearing test workshop dustfall & le; 80mg/㎡; Bearing storage, assembly workshop of dustfall & le; 120mg/㎡。 2. Workshop ground cleanliness & diams; Qualitative check visual requirements: workshop, the ground should be a primary may not containing sludge, sundry. Feel is required: workshop ground touch, feel is obvious particles may not exist. ♦ Quantitative inspection of temperature in the workshop: bearing requirements of temperature in the test, the assembly workshop is 16 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. Humidity in the workshop: bearing detection, assembly, storage workshop of relative humidity are not greater than 60%. ( Source: the resources of railway vehicle platform)
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