Production of bearing has been don't know how steel ball in, so many years, finally understand - bearing production process knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Of mechanical met bearing a hobby friend must be, because for different occasions, bearing also has two categories, one for a sliding bearings for rolling bearings, we often see in life is to rolling bearing, trust friends, when I was a child often played rolling bearing! We don't have any toys, little poor, is interested in the rolling bearing steel ball inside. Small steel ball to turn around a very fast, now like to basically have no friction, often want to give out the steel ball as a child. But often in vain, don't know if you have thought about this question, it is not out of the steel ball is how to put it in? A general by the rolling bearing inner ring and outer ring, rolling body and keep the frame of four parts, each part has its own fixed position and role. Inner ring and shaft neck usually cooperate with, for example, the inside of the outer ring is assembled on the bearing, the last in the retainer assembly, retainer can make a roller to reduce the friction and wear and tear, that is why we use the cause of the rolling bearing, it is just because of the friction is small and not easy to wear and tear, so small steel ball is how to put it in? You first need to select and match the small steel ball size outer ring's inner circle. Yes, it is different the size of the rolling bearing steel balls are not the same. Then the outer edge of the inner ring with outer ring inside, and then placed in the small steel ball, yes it is important to note that even apart, the last bracket will be installed is ok, the last step, of course, you also need to keep two frame to frame, which is why the reason why we couldn't get the ball, in the working process of the bearing under rolling friction! So of small steel ball was very strong. How finished watching this video is untied you many years of doubt!
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