Plane thrust bearing installation process

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
The installation of the bearing is correct, affects the precision, life and performance. Therefore, design and assembly department for the installation of the bearing be fully studied. Hope to work in accordance with the standards for installation. Operation standard project usually is as follows: ( 1) , clean bearings and bearing components (associated 2) And check the size of the interrelated parts and finish machining condition ( 3) , installation, 4) Good, installation, check after the bearing ( 5) , supply lubricant hope before the installation, just open the bearing packing. General grease lubrication, cleaning, not directly fill grease. Lubricating oil, ordinary also don't have to be clean, but, instrument using or high speed bearings, etc. , to be washed with clean oil, remove rust inhibitor) on the bearing. Remove the rust inhibitor of bearing, easy to rust, so cannot be placed. Also, has the bearing grease sealed, can be used directly without cleaning. Bearing installation method. Bearing structure, cooperate, and by using conditions and, generally, due to many as the axis of rotation, so the inner circle need interference fit. Cylindrical hole bearing, multi-purpose press pressure into, or multi-purpose hot charging method. Taper hole, installed directly on the taper shaft, or use the socket installation. When installed on the shell, clearance fit more commonly, outer ring have surplus quantity, usually use the pressure into the press and or have shrink fit method of cooling after installation. Use dry ice as coolant, shrink fit installation, the moisture in the air condenses on the surface of bearing. So, need a good rust prevention measures.
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