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Peel off - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
Damage status: when bearing load bearing rotation again, inner ring and outer ring raceway surface or rolling decent present designed stripping due to rolling fatigue phenomenon. Reason: too much load. Install the bad ( Non linear) The torque load foreign invasion, into the water. Poor lubrication, lubricants inappropriate bearing clearance is not appropriate. Bearing box accuracy is bad, the uneven rigidity of shaft deflection of bearing box big rust, erosion point, scratch and indentation ( The surface deformation phenomenon) The development of the cause. Measures: check the size of load and again institute of bearing to improve installation method is used to improve the sealing device, when stop rust. Using the appropriate lubricant viscosity, improving the lubrication method. Check the shaft and the precision of the bearing housing. Check the clearance.
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