Needle roller bearing premature aging cause analysis

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Roll the & # 8203; Needle bearing premature aging of the reasons are: worked with tight and smooth, intense oscillation, corrosion fatigue, pollution, etc. 1. Cooperation is the cause of tight ball and ramp gap is too small, torque, conflict to add, the bearing operating temperature is too high. When the device to try to adjust the right bearing radial gap. 2. Smooth as bad a serious shortage of smooth fat dry aging. So according to the motor running time, load condition, environment temperature and smooth the stand or fall of fat four elements, concluded that the bearing oil compensating hour 3. Intense oscillation because there was something wrong with the motor iron core and cause of bearing vibration. Appear this kind of situation is we want to replace with new type of bearing. 4. Data tired because of metal fatigue, bearing raceway and appearance of the balls falling debris falls on the smooth fat, lead to the increase of noise for the assignments. So we should consider the normal wearing out of the bearing material, replace new bearing five of the same type. Pollution corrosion, check and ball whether present red, brown mottled on the appearance of corrosion.
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