Needle roller bearing different ways to remove

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Now that the needle roller bearing has a variety of different installation method, nature also have different ways to remove, the more common include tapping method, thermal method, four methods of push and pull. Needle roller bearing of each kind of disassembly method steps are different, how to master one by one? First there is the needle roller bearing tapping method, in general, remove the needle roller bearing by tapping method, main effect on the bearing inner ring, tapping force rather than add in rolling element bearings and keep on the shelf. That is to say, the remove method is the key to get the main point, the position of the block placed properly. Although this method of operation execution is simpler, but have a bit easy to damage the bearing carelessly, so when remove the needle roller bearing must be particularly careful, don't be random percussion, lest cause unnecessary problems. Next is hot method to remove the needle roller bearing, operations should heat oil to 100 degrees Celsius, and then poured the oil to want to remove the needle roller bearing, wait for bearing ring after the heat expansion, can use the bearing pullers to pull out, also very easy to operate. Compared the above two kinds of sealed way, remove the needle roller bearing with push method is stable and reliable, it use the press to push the bearing, this will not cause damage to the machine, needle roller bearing can keep good integrity. Then there is a kind of pull out method, this method is used to remove the need to adopt special puller, as long as the choice to pull handle, can slowly pull out bearing. Puller, of course, a reasonable choice is also very critical, otherwise, do what also can't do it again.
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