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Linear bearing installed six steps, taught you how to - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
You should know that there are many linear bearing in the mechanical aspects of the application. On the various machines equipped with linear bearing can play out the biggest performance, to achieve automation, ShengLiHua maximum economic benefits. The characteristics of linear bearing is lightweight, corrosion resistance, compatibility, low cost, etc. But there are a lot of people don't know should do what preparation work before installation of linear bearing, installation should pay attention to what? WeChat platform bearing people came under the linear bearing six big installation steps and share with you. 1, before installation of linear bearing must first clear machinery installation the burrs, dirt and surface scars. Linear bearing coated with anti-rust oil, before installation, please use clean oil wash the datum after installation, it usually remove the rust easily after anti-rust oil, datum suggest using lubricating oil with low viscosity daub spindle. 2, will use linear bearing placed gently on the bed, with lateral fixed screw or other fixed fixture make face gently joint and lateral line rail installation. Make sure it fits the screw holes before install and use, assuming base processing holes don't match and forcibly lock bolt, will greatly effect the precision of combination with the use of quality. 3, from the central to both sides in order to linear bearing positioning screw tightening, orbit and the vertical mounting surface laminating, forced by a central location to both ends can get relatively stable precision. After vertical datum plane is a bit tight, strengthening lateral datum of the locking force, make the linear bearing to joint lateral datum. 4, use the torque wrench in accordance with various material clamping torque, position of linear bearing slides slowly tightening the screws. 5 vice rail installed, use the same way, the individual installation and slide to the rail and vice on the rail. After attention slide fitted linear slide rail, subsequent many affiliated parts due to the limited installation space can't install, must accessory installation will be requested at this stage. 6, gently put mobile platform to the linear bearing the main rail with vice rail sliding seat, then lock the lateral force screw of the mobile platform, can be done after installation location.
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