Hydraulic motor phenomenon of three kinds of common faults and maintenance methods, have you learned? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Hydraulic motor as prone to failure parts including valve shaft and oil distribution disc, rotor, stator, bearing and oil seal, etc. , big blue hydraulic factory will share the motor today several common failures and solutions. A, operation ( 1) Check whether pairing of stator and rotor is too loose, — Due to the motor in operation of the internal parts are in the condition of mutual friction, if hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system is too bad, will speed up the motor wear of internal parts. When stator body needle tooth exceeds a certain limit, will make the daughter matching internal clearance greatens, cannot achieve normal oil sealing effect, which may further inside leaking problem, its symptom for motor under the condition of no load operation is normal, but the sound is bigger than under normal circumstances, under the load will be unable or run slow, the solution is to replace the outer diameter slightly larger needle teeth; ( 2) Check the output shaft and shell hole whether within the acceleration due to abrasion between leak - — Caused the fault is the main reason of the hydraulic oil purity is not enough, contains some impurities, the resulting shell internal grinding groove, which makes the motor weakness within the leak, the solution is to timely replacement housing or the whole match again. Second, the speed instability under low speed, have the crawling phenomenon ( 1) Check whether the tooth surface of the rotor is the presence of hair strain - — The location of the friction is bigger, not hair location is small, it is prone to rotate speed and torque pulsation, especially in the condition of low speed, prone to speed imbalances. It is important to note that in order to ensure the stability of low speed, the lowest cycloid motor speed as far as possible do not less than 10 r/min, otherwise unable to complete work; ( 2) For stator cylinder needle wheel unable to turn in the job, can take the needle tooth thickness adjustment to slightly less than the thickness of the stator. Hydraulic motor phenomenon of three kinds of common faults and maintenance methods, have you learned? Third, speed is reduced, the output torque ( 1) With cycloid motor without gap compensation structure, the rotor and stator with line contact seal, and the motor of the sealing line is longer, if the rotor and stator interface is poor because of the tooth profile accuracy, poor quality of assembly, or a contact at the strain, the leak was bigger, cause the loss of volumetric efficiency, falling speed and output torque is reduced. The failure of the solution is to consider replacement needle wheel, with the rotor bedding-in; ( 2) The mesh of the stator and the rotor position, and the valve shaft and the new structure of the body position, relative position corresponding to the two consistency has a great influence on the output torque, if both the corresponding relation of mismatch, which show with flow accuracy is not high, which will further cause reverse speed and output torque greatly reduced, solution is to determine the specific location of the parts and do the corresponding adjustment. ( 3) Valve shaft wear - — Leak inside is big, affected the accuracy of oil distribution, or because of body matching flow and motor shell hole between the fit clearance is too large, affect the accuracy of oil distribution, can make the volumetric efficiency drops, impact speed and output torque of the motor. For this failure, it is recommended that you use plating or the means of brush plating to repair, as much as possible to ensure proper clearance.
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