HWT - AMG30208 new bearing is introduced

by:Waxing     2020-11-17
HWT - AMG 30208, seven kinds of taper roller bearing inside diameter of 40 mm, outside diameter of 80 mm, 18 mm wide. Tapered roller bearings can depart, caused by an inner ring with roller and cage components and outer ring to separation device. Corrects roller and raceway touch touch line can reduce stress have gathered. Tapered roller bearings can accept large radial load and axial load. Because of tapered roller bearings can only transfer one-way axial load, therefore, to pass in the opposite direction of axial load will need another device with the symmetry of the tapered roller bearings. Most dosage in tapered roller bearing is single row circular cone roller bearings. In the car's front wheel hub, in recent years also have small scale double row circular cone roller bearings. Four row circular cone roller bearings used in large cold, hot rolling mill, and other heavy machinery. Single row circular cone roller bearings have a outer ring, internal ring and a set of conical roller cage by basket shape contain into an inner ring components. Outer and inner ring component separation, according to the ISO tapered roller bearing block dimension standard rules, any standard type of tapered roller bearing outer ring and inner ring components should be able to type and outer or inner ring components to complete an international exchange. The outer ring of the same type in addition to the external dimensions, tolerances need to fit ISO492 ( GB307) Rules, the inner ring components cone Angle, the components of the cone diameter and so on will also be necessary to fit the rules of exchange. Generally, single row tapered roller bearing outer ring raceway of cone Angle in 10 & deg; ~19° Before, to accept the bearing load and radial load combination. The greater the Angle, accept the axial load can also. Big cone Angle of the bearing, post code to add B, taper Angle of 25 & deg; ~29° Between, it can accept large axial load. In addition, the single row circular cone roller bearings can be adjusted in the process of gear clearance of intrusive. Double row tapered roller bearing outer ring ( Or inner ring) Is a whole. Two inner ring ( Or outer ring) Small end face close, middle baffle, clearance is depends on the thickness of a baffle to adjust, also can use baffle to adjust to the thickness of the double row circular cone roller bearings of interference. Primary accept tapered roller bearing is given priority to with radial diameter, the axial load. Bearing load bearing ability depends on the outer ring raceway viewpoints, point of view, the greater the load ability. This kind of bearing separation type of bearing, on the basis of bearing the number of columns of the roll body can be divided into single row, double row and four row circular cone roller bearings. Single row tapered roller bearing clearance to the user when the device adjustment; Double row and four row circular cone roller bearings clearance has according to user requirements for a given when the products leave the factory, not the user. Have a conical taper roller bearing inner ring and outer ring raceway, tapered roller is put between the two. All projection line on the surface of the cone axis bearing the same points together. This planning make tapered roller bearing composite (especially the right to accept The radial and axial) The load. Bearing axial load can be mostly by touch Angle & alpha; The resolution; α Point of view, the greater the axial load to the higher. Viewpoints intrusive in calculating coefficient e to show; E value, the greater the touch point of view, the greater the bearing to accept the applicability of the axial load. Tapered roller bearings are generally separation model, namely by inner ring with roller and cage components of cone inner ring components and cone outer ring ( Outer ring) Separation device. Tapered roller bearing is widely used in automotive, rolling mill, mining, metallurgy, plastics machinery and other industries. A: HWT0 class high temperature bearing size shows that fine next article: HWT high temperature bearing 1308 for details
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