How to solve the ball mill reducer bearing wear and leakage of oil - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Reducer is a kind of dynamic convey institutions, using the gear speed converter, the motor rotation number rotation slowed to want, and get a larger torque. 在目前用于传递动力与运动的机构中减速机的应用范围相当广泛。 In almost all kinds of mechanical transmission system can be seen. Its application work from large power transmission, to the small load, the Angle of the accurate transmission can meet the application of speed reducer, and in industrial applications, deceleration machine has to slow down and increase torque function. Therefore widely used in the speed and torque conversion equipment. A room, reducer bearing wear repair reducer bearing and the bearing chamber, the overload, overlap of high speed high torque at low speed under the start, and under the action of vibration equipment, radial impact, bearing chamber or bearing a metal fatigue, produce permanent deformation, bearing or bearing outer ring and inner ring on the shaft bearing chamber clearance fit, resulting in relative motion develop blemishes. Once appear this issue, seriously affecting the normal production of the equipment. Reducer bearing chamber if appear wear away, replace expensive components, manufacturing cycle is longer, general repair methods for the removal of repair welding after machining or expanding set steel bushing, time-consuming, laborious and costly. Polymer material excellent mechanical performance and good plasticity, made to properly solve the problem, under the condition of guarantee the normal operation of equipment, greatly reducing the equipment repair time for enterprises to create huge economic value. Polymer composite repair materials based on polymer, metal or ceramic powder, fiber and other materials for, under the action of curing agent, curing catalyst of composite materials. Various materials on the performance of complement each other, each other produce synergies, make comprehensive performance is better than that of the original composition of composite materials. 具备极强的粘接力、机械性能、和耐化学腐蚀等性能因而广泛应用于金属设备的机械磨损、划伤、凹坑、裂缝、渗漏、铸造砂眼等的修复以及各种化学储罐、反应罐、管道的化学防腐保护及修复。 The problems the traditional method is difficult to repair, restrictions on the size of friction materials and spare parts to repair the parts difficult to repair, usually take to replace the new parts to solve, and reducer in continual improvement, accessories update faster, parts keeping takes up huge amounts of money. According to different equipment, different running condition, different wear conditions, adopt corresponding repair process, can be fast, simple and effective to repair, especially due to the high polymer material rolled back, always keep 100% of the contact area to avoid the fit clearance, make the repaired equipment life even more than new equipment, fundamentally solve the axial wear. In addition to the reducer bearing chamber wear quick fixes, for reducer static seal leakage point also can adopt the ka wah polymer composite materials and technology field leakage of governance, without disassembly, polymer composite materials in the leakage of external governance, save time and effort, the effect is immediate, its products have superior adhesion, oil resistance, and 350% of the tensile strength, to overcome the effects of reducer vibration. If reducer running in static sealing point of the oil, the oil level of emergency repairing adhesive available surface engineering technologies NianDu, so as to achieve the aim of eliminate oil leakage.
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