High temperature and high speed INA wheel bearing lubrication and maintenance of knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Bearing in use process because of itself quality and external conditions, the bearing capacity, rotational accuracy and wear-resisting performance will change. When the wheel bearing performance index is lower than the use requirement and when not working, INA bearing malfunction or even failure happened, bearing in the event of failure after accidents, machinery, equipment will halt, appear to wait for all sorts of anomalies, loss of function therefore need causes were found in the short term, and take corresponding measures. High temperature thickener thick combined oil and multiple effect additives, is a long-term in high temperature environment to maintain normal working state of the high quality grease. A high heat capacity and high speed shearing resistance, make it under the environment of high temperature and high speed to cope. B good high and low temperature resistance, lubricity, good colloidal stability and mechanical stability. C use temperature range for - 40 ~ 230 ℃, a short period of time up to 250 ℃. D applies to reduce noise or have required to use environment is extremely bad machinery is used, the temperature of high temperature parts lubrication. E water proofing property is strong, can reduce the water flushing, and keep the hardness under wide temperature range. Excellent oxidation resistance, good wear resistance, so that the service life is very long, the service life is 5 - lithium base grease 10 times. F is suitable for the high and low temperature environment precision bearings, motor bearings, miniature bearing lubrication. G of long life and suitable for all kinds of high speed bearing, high speed gyro motor, high speed grinding machine and high speed meter and other mechanical INA bearing lubrication. H organization structure is smooth, fiber is exquisite, has the high cleanliness, inhibits wheel bearing in the different sounds in the process of operation, meet the DN value in more than 500000 long-term operation requirements of high-speed bearing. INA bearing vibration of bearing failure effect is obvious. For example, peeling, indentation, rust, crack and wear will be reflected in the bearing vibration testing, so through the use of special bearing vibration measurement device ( Frequency analyzer and vibration meter, etc. ) Can measure the size of the vibration, through frequency distribution can be deduced, under the condition of abnormal vibration measured values due to the use of the bearing condition or sensor installation position and different, so need prior to each machine after the analysis and comparison the measured value of decision criteria to determine. Usually as operation began to slowly rise, wheel bearing temperature reached steady state after 1 to 2 hours. INA bearing the normal temperature of heat capacity, heat dissipating capacity, rotational speed and load of machinery. If the lubrication, installation is not appropriate, the bearing temperature will go up sharply, there will be unusually high temperature, then must stop and take the necessary precautions.
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