Flour processing machinery normal operation of maintenance work and bearing the quality - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
Application and flour processing machinery market becomes increasingly extensive, equipment put into use, effectively improve the production efficiency of China's processing industry, is conducive to improve the level of the overall development of the national economy. Flour processing machinery as a kind of mechanical equipment in the hard to avoid can produce faults in the operation problem, affect the normal operation of the flour processing machinery. Improve the operation level of technical personnel, ensure that improve equipment production efficiency in human. Flour processing machinery with the method of automatic, need an operation personnel to operate, flour processing machinery operators must be careful to install flour processing machinery engineering personnel learning how to operate the machine, the manufacturer will explain each flour machine when buying its production capacity, and its various parameters and performance, it is stipulated in the use of flour processing machinery should be used according to the scope of its operation, to avoid damage caused by improper operation of equipment. Flour processing machinery maintenance work done will also be able to improve their work efficiency, and reduce the occurrence of failure. Flour processing machinery before use, carefully check whether there is any foreign body on Inner Mongolia flour processing equipment crushing cavity. So, keep clear of in time, so as not to affect the quality of flour. Flour production scale is larger, the corresponding profits, the more the greater the risk. Small flour mills, low input costs, production is low, the production of flour quality is not stable, not so in the market competition strength. Large flour mills, the use of flour processing machinery automation degree is higher, the early stage of the investment is higher, but the late after stable profits will be high. During processing, flour processing machinery parts change, easy to cause an effect to flour processing machinery flour yield. Operating personnel flexibility should be paid attention to. In order to avoid low efficiency and can strengthen the grinding of materials at this moment, at the same time through the scattered points will feed tube material to other whey powder machine, the lower the load. If you want to improve the flour yield, there is a very important is the basis of the need to accurately grasp the relationship between the raw water and flour yield. When the temperature is higher, wheat moisture content is higher, can strengthen the wind net, appropriately reduce the moisture. In the process of washing wheat, according to the situation should adopt ways to reduce the water level and reduce the wheat soaking time. Flour processing machinery to do maintenance work during use. Flour products almost can be said to be the necessities of life, it's need to continuously improve the production efficiency of flour processing machinery, to better meet people's consumption demand. The increase of market demand, increase the time of its processing operations, in the course of long-term use can cause wear and tear during use must complete equipment maintenance. When use bearing wear problems inevitably, in actual production, according to the degree of wear and tear of flour processing machinery bearing for repair or replacement, to insure the quality of operation of the bearing, ensure the normal operation. At the same time, when use should do well in maintenance, reduce flour processing equipment parts wear and tear, improve the production efficiency of flour processing machinery. Flour processing machinery bearing installation: installation personnel also note carefully for device, ensure that the parts of tightness, in all kinds of equipment after the installation is complete, don't be put into use immediately, to commissioning, ensure that all parts can be running smoothly, if there is not appropriate attention to adjust again. Flour processing machinery in the machining process, the quality of the material is bad, knot stick is too large, effects of powder, flour processing machinery processing need to be adjusted and inspection of the machine parameters, the material should be dry or replace a coarse sieve plate. Only replace the sieve plate open the front cover can be into the line, before installation on both sides of the cover should be paid attention to when the handwheel elastic, ensure the front cover and the chassis seal. Flour processing should be taken before mechanical parking stop feeding, let the machine run 5 - 20 minutes and then stop. In order to reduce the residual material. When processing according to different materials at any time to adjust product fineness, fineness uniformity, reduce trouble when processing, flour processing machinery processing without increasing sifting machine in the process of screening. Automatic flour processing machinery with wear resistant stainless steel materials, wear-resisting performance is good, reduce the benefits of more frequent change parts, conform to the hygiene standards of various kinds of products.
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