Bearing when using common problems and countermeasures - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Problem a, strong metal sound 1, abnormal load: select the appropriate assembly clearance and pre-tightening force; 2, assembly: improve the axis machining accuracy, improve installation method; 3, lack of lubricant, supplement or using the appropriate lubricant. Question 2, rule 1, foreign bodies, channel caused by corrosion, indentation, scar: cleaning related parts, use clean and grease; 2, the channel peeling: fatigue wear, replace the bearing. Problem 3, irregular variations as 1, foreign bodies, intrusion: cleaning related parts, use clean and grease; 2, clearance is too large, pay attention to the coordination and choose appropriate clearance; 3, steel ball scar: steel ball fatigue spalling or foreign body card, replace the bearing. Question 4, abnormal temperature rise of 1, lubricants: too much reduce lubricant; 2, lubricants, or are not suitable for: add lubricant or choose a suitable lubricant; 3, mating surface creep or sealing device is too big: bearing outside diameter or inner diameter with surface correction, sealing form changes. Question 1, peeling off the five, the axis of rotary vibration: fatigue spalling, replace the bearing; 2, assembly: improve the machining precision of the shaft, improve installation method; 3, foreign body into: cleaning related parts, the use of clean and grease. Six, lubricant leakage problems too big color 1, lubricants, reducing lubricant; 2, foreign bodies, invasion: cleaning related parts.
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