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by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Bearing temperature is common and harm of the larger mining machinery fault, such as for unknown reasons, improper handling, often the wasted effort, will reduce the service life of bearing, increase the maintenance cost, and even cause bearing burn out. Therefore, determine the cause of the malfunction quickly, take proper measures to solve, is the equipment safe operation of the continuous support. Bearing temperature causes high bearing temperature caused by many reasons, small make up finishing the common several big problems for everyone. 1, poor lubrication lubrication on the service life of bearing and friction, wear, vibration and so on have important influence, good lubrication bearing is necessary for normal operation. According to statistics, about 40% of the bearing damage is related to bad lubrication. The role of lubrication of bearings mainly includes: 1) To prevent the metal corrosion; 2) Prevent foreign invasion, the sealing effect; 3) Get rid of friction heat, prevent the bearing temperature rise is too high; 4) To reduce the friction and wear, prolong the life of bearing. Bearing lubrication is usually caused by adverse factors include: 1) Lubricating oil ( Grease) Inadequate; 2) Oil pipe blocked by foreign body, etc. ; 3) Lubricating oil ( Grease) There is something wrong with the quality; 4) Add lubricating oil is not on time, Grease) ; 5) Lubricating oil ( Grease) Containing impurities. 2, bearing wear bearings, as important parts used in a variety of big machinery, and some of the machinery ( Such as crusher) The working environment of dust, when part of the fine dust into the high speed bearing, cause within the bearing lubricating oil or grease metamorphism, poor lubrication, which in turn makes the bearing wear. Bearing wear in a state of work, due to the friction force increases, quantity of heat to increase, resulting in bearing temperature. 3, improper installation, improper installation is another important reason of bearing heating. Because the bearing is installed correctly or not, have a direct impact on the life and precision of host, so the installation requirements of shaft and the bearing hole centerline must coincide. If the bearing installation, low accuracy, bearing the deflection, rotation will generate torque, when cause bearing heating or wear and tear. In addition, bearing produces vibration and noise increases, also can make temperature increasing. 4, insufficient cooling cooling is usually characterized by: pipe blockage, chooses inappropriate cooler, the cooling effect is poor. Dirty jams lubrication pipe cooler, will cause poor cooling effect, especially in the summer production, this problem is especially common. Individual manufacturer to strengthen the cooling effect at increasing or series and cooler. Cooler fouling is serious, the situation of the bearing temperature too high frequent alarm in will meet many production site, more effective treatment method is a year before the summer cooler for pickling descaling. 5, large vibration coupling to align technology difference is not in conformity with the requirements, for example, dynamic and static unbalance rotor, poor foundation rigidity and the anchor, rotating stall and surge. Some of the rotor in the process of running due to medium corrosion or wear and tear of solid impurities, or bent shaft, will lead to unbalanced centrifugal force, so that the bearing heating, vibration, roll the serious wear and tear, until the destruction. 6, check the replacement bearing not in time, such as found serious fatigue spalling, oxidation corrosion pits, cracks, wear, or when there is too much noise can't adjust, if change not in time, can cause fever, bearing noise, vibration, etc. , thus affecting the normal production. In addition, improper bearing removal, the equipment anchor bolt loosening caused by vibration, can also lead to bearing raceway and rolling body produce indentation, cracking of bearing inner and outer ring. Bearing during operation, should be checked periodically according to specifications. 7, the bearing quality bad rolling bearing parts in the form of point contact and line contact, long-term work under the high alternating contact stress. Accuracy, life and reliability of the host to a large extent depends on the bearing, so must pay attention to in the bearing part purchase acceptance check, the normal manufacturer of qualified quality products. 8, bearing improper selection of the bearing should be paid attention to when choosing bearing limit speed, load capacity, can't use, super speed, overload that may shorten the service life of bearing, do more harm than good. Cb group: began in 1987, from more than 30 years, has always been dedicated to the mining crushing equipment, sand making equipment and industrial milling equipment, for highway, railway, high grade sand and gravel material provided by the large engineering projects of hydroelectric power solutions and complete sets of equipment. Such as cutting and grinding 'stones, such as cut, such as grinding, after years of steady development, the state industrial technology group co. , LTD. Has become a set research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of high-tech enterprises, become China's mining machinery industry for the development of enterprises, and shine in the international market. Review cb industrial development in the past 30 years, the next 70 years, we continue to work hard. Began in 1987, the state industry from a mechanical equipment manufacturers gradually developed into a set research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of high-tech enterprises; From a purely rely on the introduction of international advanced technology to build equipment research and development laboratory, and a number of technical won the national patent application to production. After 30 years years of steady development, the world nation industry has now become China mining machinery industry, with the international well-known enterprise competitive on world markets. As a company has a 'one hundred enterprises' vision, cb industry will continue to adhere to innovation, pursuit of excellence, to China's national enterprises to shine in the world.
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