To note - bearing FAG bearing fit tolerance of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
When choosing FAG bearing fit tolerance should pay attention to the following aspects of problem 1. In order to make full use of the bearing and the bearing capacity, must make the bearing outer circumferential support is good. 2. FAG bearing sleeve and it must not have relative motion between the mating parts, otherwise will damage the surface. 3. Swimming bearing of one of the inner and outer circle must be able to adapt to the changing of the shaft and housing length that it can make the axial movement. 4. Only N and NU type cylindrical roller bearing can move inside. Should try to make the bearing installation and removal easy. In order to meet the requirements of the first two, centripetal bearing inner ring and outer ring, in principle, adopt tight fit. But, if the winding bearing must be integral bearing axial moving or must be able to install and dismantle, the two ring cannot use tight fit, at least one ring. In this case, the bearing ring by the local load or cyclic load is a decisive factor. If load ring direction relatively constant, it can be used in a clearance fit, and the other ring is relative to the loading direction, use the tight fit in principle. N and NU type cylindrical roller bearing can achieve tight fit on the two rings at the same time, because inside the FAG bearings can make length compensation, and the bearing inner and outer ring can be installed separately. Handles FAG bearing load, especially when the impact load, requires a large amount of interference and the shape of the stricter tolerances. FAG bearings use interference fit and temperature between inside and outside the circle will reduce radial clearance. Elected radial clearance group should consider this.
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