The working principle of shield machine seal system is what? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
GuiQi when knife rotating seal tell you rubber sealing grease through the shield of shield machines to shield the car pneumatic greasing pump main bearing outer seal system for the first row of lip seal before 8 injection point of the circle is uniformly distributed, to fill the annular space, can effectively prevent the impurities from the soil bin into three rows of lip seal, and thus prevent into the main bearing, improve the service life of main bearing. As a result, the working principle of shield machine seal system is what? When the shield machine seal system at the V5 solenoid valves, air compressor high pressure gas produced by the triplet Z1 of condenser, gas pressure reducing valve, oil mist device, safety check valve V3 into pneumatic greasing pump P2, pneumatic greasing pump work in under the action of gas pressure, the pneumatic greasing pump suction mouth under no pressure of shield machine rubber sealing grease ( Seal) , out of the export pump high pressure sealing grease, high pressure sealing grease the cut-off valve v002 to shunt 1 v001, eight gear in a high-pressure sealing grease push shunt motor rotation, and is divided into 8 equal parts sealing grease injection respectively to the first row of lip seal before eight injection points. Manually adjust the gas pressure reducing valve of the gas pressure in the z1 can control pneumatic greasing pump pumping pressure ( Every increase 1 bar pressure pneumatic grease pump injection can increase 50 bar pumping fat HBW pressure) , to control the gear rotational speed of the shunt, achieve the goal of control HBW grease injection rate. Using three five-way valve 1 p001 shield barrels of rubber seal fat can implement change.
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