The use of needle bearing requirements

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Needle roller bearing is notes on the use of needle bearing with cylindrical roller of roller bearings, relative to its diameter, roller is thin and long, this is called needle roller. Although has a small cross-section, bearing still has high load capacity, therefore, especially suitable for radial space is limited. Needle roller bearing for many mechanical products is indispensable, even vital, and various types of needle roller bearing, so it is in use when what items need to be aware of? Look at the down together. Needle roller bearing the use of the matters needing attention: 1, keep the bearing itself and the bearing work environment clean, dirt, or even invisible tiny particles in the air, will have an effect on the bearing, keep the whole bearing working environment clean room must be; 2, needle roller bearing is a very precise components, through heat treatment makes the bearing has the characteristics of the wear resistant high hardness; 3, don't put the needle roller bearing is exposed to abnormal high temperature environment, will reduce the hardness of the material of needle roller bearing, will reduce the service life of bearing; 4. Operation, with the right tools, don't use the tools of informal, otherwise very easy on the needle roller bearing damage; 5, the needle roller bearing during the installation, operation and maintenance, remove all need to be trained by a professional technician to operate. Through the above, we can also learn about some characteristics of the needle roller bearing, simple related matters that should be paid attention to in the process of using, believe that these are of great help/very helpful to us.
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