The structure and installation of circular cone roller bearings you know how much? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Tapered roller bearing type belongs to the separation bearing, have tapered roller bearing inner and outer race. According to these bearings on the column number of the roller is divided into single row, double row and four row circular cone roller bearings of different structure. Single row circular cone roller bearings can bear radial load and the single direction axial load. When bearing radial load, axial force component, would create a so when need another affordable bearing axial force in the opposite direction to balance. The structure of the tapered roller bearing, tapered roller bearing type code 30000, tapered roller bearing for separating type bearing. In general, especially in the GB/T307. 1 - 94 'rolling bearing centripetal bearing tolerance' involved in within the scope of the size of the tapered roller bearing outer ring and inner between components is gm's one hundred percent can be used interchangeably. The Angle of the outer ring and the outer raceway diameter size has the same size and appearance has standardized rules. Do not allow the changes in the design and manufacture. As to make the taper roller bearing outer ring and inner components are interchangeable common throughout the world. Tapered roller bearing is mainly used to bear the joint mainly consisting of radial load and axial load. Compared with the angular contact ball bearing, large carrying capacity, limit rotational speed is low. Tapered roller bearings can withstand axial load in one direction, can limit axial displacement of shaft or housing in one direction. Tapered roller bearing installation: adjust the axial clearance for the installation of the tapered roller bearing axial clearance, available on the journal of adjusting nut, adjusting shim and bearing hole of the thread, or use the methods of preloaded spring to adjust. Axial clearance size, the layout of the bearing installation and, the distance between bearings, shaft and bearing material, can be determined according to the working conditions. For high load high speed circular cone roller bearings, adjust clearance, must consider the effect of temperature on the axial clearance, clearance reduction is estimated, will cause the temperature rise, that is to say, the axial clearance to properly adjust a bit bigger. For low speed and vibration of the bearing, no clearance should be taken to install, exerted load or the installation. Its purpose is to make the taper roller bearing roller and raceway produce good contact, uniform distribution load, to prevent damaged roller and raceway is impacted by the vibration. After adjustment, the axial clearance with the size of the dial gauge test.
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