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The purpose of bearing lubrication and way - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
For bearing lubrication is one of the important important problems about its performance. Lubricant or lubrication method appropriate or not will greatly affect the service life of bearing. The role of lubrication is as follows: 1) Lubricated bearing parts, reduce the friction and wear 2) Take away the bearing internal heat 3) due to friction or other reasons Make the bearing rolling contact surface often form appropriate oil film, extend the fatigue life of bearing 4) Bearing rust and dust bearing lubrication method consists of grease lubrication and oil lubrication, its general is as shown in table 1: the comparison of table 1 grease lubrication and oil lubrication project simple fat sealing device is relatively complex, need to pay attention to maintain good lubrication performance is very good speed low - medium speed can also be used for the lubricant is more trouble on the replacement of the simple life of lubricant already competitive, no good cooling effect, Need to loop) Impurities filter difficult easy grease lubrication grease can do a grease filling after long time do not need to supplement, and the structure of the sealing device is also relatively simple, so widely used. Grease lubrication of filling grease in the seal type bearing in advance sealing way, and in the shell internal filling amount of grease, every once in a while to supplement or replace the packing way for fat. Moreover, there are many bearings need lubricating machinery, also USES the pipe connection to the lubrication for lipid concentrate way. 1) Grease filling of the shell grease filling amount along with the structure and the volume of the shell is different, the general should be 1/3-1/2 of the filling to volume. Filling quantity too much, because of mixing heating grease occur metamorphism, aging and softening, should pay attention. But when used in low-speed bearing, to prevent foreign invasion, sometimes pack to two-thirds of volume 1. 2) The complement of the grease with replacing the supplement and replacement of the grease lubrication way has a close relationship, no matter adopt what kind of way, must use clean and grease, and pay attention to the invasion of the external foreign body. Add grease should be the day for the same brand grease. When adding grease, is particularly important should guarantee the new grease into the bearing internal indeed. Oil lubricating oil is suitable for high speed bearings and to a certain degree of high temperature resistant, but also to reduce the vibration and reduce noise effectively, mostly used for grease lubrication is not applicable to occasions. Lubrication can be divided into: ( 1) Oil bath lubrication ( 2) Oil drip lubrication ( 3) Splash lubrication ( 4) Circulation lubrication ( 5) Spray lubrication ( 6) Oil mist lubrication ( 7) Oil and gas lubrication
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