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The performance of the FAG split spherical roller bearings

by:Waxing     2020-11-16
FAG split spherical roller bearings 2020 - performance 01 - 15 split bearing, as one of the important basic parts, is widely used in many fields. Split spherical roller bearings are used in the difficult to install and disassemble, lower bearing dismantling difficulties. This type of bearing is suitable for low speed and using environment is bad. Bearing the convenient installation disassembly, reduces the downtime of machine and equipment, improve the production efficiency. FAG split spherical roller bearings can be used in the following areas: pieces pieces pieces pieces conveying equipment material handling equipment ventilation equipment pieces pieces pieces of steel rolling ship paper mining and materials processing, Bucket wheel excavator and reclaimer, winch and pulleys, worm conveyor, bucket wheel and belt conveyor, mixing and stirring device, grinding mill and crusher, kiln sintering equipment and drum, fan and fan, dust removal equipment, transmission device and the shaft) Pieces of pulping and papermaking industry, Fan and the fan, mixing and stirring device, cylinder, gear and shaft, elevators, mechanical equipment,) Movement and transport equipment in the drive bearing arrangement of the split FAG spherical roller bearing alternative belt set the overall tuning roller bearings. Alternative is the premise of bearing inner diameter, outer diameter and width of the same. Split spherical roller bearings can be installed in the split housings, don't need to make additional machining bearing or replacement. If within the same size, can also be applied to other manufacturers of bearing seat. Because of split spherical roller installation space and belt set set of the overall tuning roller bearing installation space is the same, so very easy to FAG in alternative replacement split spherical roller bearing inner diameter with a cylindrical hole. Inner ring and outer ring and roll cage along axial were split into two and a half. Profile control separate bearing inner ring by screw together. Most of the interior design of split spherical roller bearings from proven overall tuning roller bearing E1 type development. Bearing cage with polyamide or brass material. Split spherical roller bearings product tolerance and clearance and the overall tuning roller bearing ( Cylindrical hole) The same. Most of the split spherical roller bearing locking ring integration, circle. Split spherical roller bearing is installed in the SNV type bearing seat ( Simple inspection and fast installation) With integrated locking ring - split spherical roller bearing structure Interior design with proven E1 type design enhanced same polyamide cage split spherical roller bearings, with integrated locking band separation locking ring, brass cage split spherical roller bearing FAG split spherical roller size range includes a metric axis diameter of 55 mm to 630 mm and imperial axis diameter 2 - 3/16 inch and 16 inch products. In most cases, shaft diameter, outer ring width and diameter and have adapted to form a complete set of 222, 230, 231, 239, 240 and 241 series standard spherical roller bearings are the same. Such as sm320-230 MA split spherical roller bearing size structure see below chart. Originally used is 23068 k + H3068HG products, sm320-230 can be used MA products to replace. It's important to note that the original use of bearing must be split structure. Because subdivision resulting in the rolling element bearing adopts screw ring connection pitch circle of components is reduced, so the bearing capacity of the split spherical roller bearings is slightly lower than the overall tuning roller bearings. And subdivision products keep frame strength is lower and the vibration of the rotating joint reduce the limit speed subdivision products more. The following table is 23068 k. MB product performance parameters, and can be compared with the above form, refer to choose. Hk united bearing focus bearing industry informationization service nearly 20 years, with many excellent bearing enterprise grows together, also witnessed China's bearing production technology from low to high development process. We will adhere to continue, the steadfast work, don't, don't give up, for the benign development of Chinese bearing industry do render some. Hk united bearing network bearing engineers, 2019. 07. 15
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