The motor end cover bearing chamber wear do you know how to repair? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
According to motor bearing chamber wear problem, traditional solutions such as machining, Mosaic collar after repair welding, brush plating, spraying, pitting, scrap, etc. , these methods are to some extent cope with the demands of the production, but can't fundamentally solve the problem, and continuous production also planted hidden danger to safety, such as high temperature deformation, crack, coating fall off; At the same time, the continuation of the traditional methods of equipment management work also won't bring substantial improvement. Wear driving part is the enterprise equipment management and maintenance of common problem, and the number is larger, damage frequently. Affected by the production environment, processes, the proportion of different industry is different. Common are: bearing, bearing chamber ( A) , slotting, and other sports surface wear, etc. Wear reason mainly has the following reasons: 1, equipment installation and maintenance, lubrication and so on is not in place, not in time, causes such as equipment rapid wear; 2, the influence of vibration, pressure, impact force, with components of impact wear; High strength metal materials, concession sex is poorer, long run will inevitably cause the increasing of clearance so wear, crack and fracture phenomenon is inevitable; 3, manufacturing quality, heat treatment can not meet the requirements of wear and tear; Serious when broken shaft head. Fast repair technology of motor bearing chamber wear sauvy carbon nano polymer composite materials to repair technology is relatively mature and high cost performance of a kind of maintenance plan. Short time, low cost and good effect is several main characteristics of the technology. Sauvy carbon nano polymer technology is enhanced by the nano inorganic materials, carbon nanotubes high-performance a two-component epoxy composite materials. The biggest advantage is to use special nano inorganic material bonded with epoxy ring molecules of oxygen, improve the bonding force between the molecules, compared with the conventional polymer composites its advantage mainly embodied in the higher tensile strength, bending strength, shear strength, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, uv resistance, anti-aging, conductivity, etc. At the same time, good machining and wear-resisting performance can serve the wear of metal parts reengineering. In areas such as equipment protection, repairing and rebuilding for the user to provide more security and longer service life at the same time, also has realized the equipment management and maintenance work of upgrading and progress. Bearing chamber wear repair steps ( 1) Surface oil removal. ( 2) Car do rough processing surface. ( 3) Harmonic sauvy SD7101H carbon nano polymer materials. ( 4) Coated to reconcile good carbon nano polymer materials. ( 5) After being curing materials, machining according to fit size. The scene quickly to repair the motor end cover bearing chamber wear pictures
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