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The installation of rolling bearing - - - - - - Heating installation method - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
When the inner diameter of the bearing is greater than 70 mm, or cooperate with larger interference, heating method makes the bearing hole expansion, this installation effort to save time, also avoid damage caused by the force is too large. It is enough. More than 120 ℃ tempering occur will cause the bearing, the lower hardness and precision of the ring. Commonly used heating method has: 1 electric hot plate bearing heating method be placed on the electric hot plate temperature of 100 ℃ for a few minutes, this method is most convenient, such as reverse it a few times can make the bearing heated evenly, and the efficiency is high, the size of the bearing can use this method. 2 electric furnace heating method to the bearing in the automatic temperature control of the closed electric furnace heating, uniform heating, accurate temperature control, heat fast, suitable for the occasion of a batch of heating a lot of bearing. 3 induction heating method using induction heater can be fast, reliable and clean the bearing heated to the required temperature, it particularly suitable for the occasion of inner ring tight fit, just because of the heated inner ring, and the outer heat is small, so can be a drag on the shaft, also easily into a hole. 4 bulb heating method using 50 w light bulb heating bearings, can guarantee the heating temperature about 100 ℃, the smaller the bearing can be directly on the bulb, larger bearings taper enclosure may be placed on a light bulb, conical cover can prevent heat losses, light bulbs and heated evenly. Conical cover can be adjusted up and down, in a certain heating range that can adapt to different size of bearing. If the far infrared light bulb, pay attention to the light bulb direction should be down, so as to avoid of infrared radiation is bad for the eyes. This bulb can be energy saving. Bulb heating method is suitable for small and often do not need; To the bearing heating, light bulbs still can make lighting at ordinary times, moreover does not need any other equipment. Oil 5 heating method which is widely used in the traditional heating method, the bottom of the tank from 50 to 70 mm in the metal mesh, bearing on the Internet, large bearing to hoist hooks. Bearing should not be placed directly on the bottom of the channel, in case of contact with the bottom of the channel bearing parts of the local heat is too high, or dirt into the bearing groove bottom sediment. Oil tank heating method of the key points are as follows, should use no corrosive thermal stability good mineral oil, it is best to transformer oil, oil, and the container should be kept clean. The size of the tank capacity should be heated and bearing and oil amount, if the container is too small, in continuous operation, one into the bearing oil temperature will drop quickly, the effect is bad. Heating installation method (1) the main points of the heating temperature to control the appropriate, bearing high temperature cause damage, the temperature is low enough ring expansion, the effect is not significant. 80 ~ 100 ℃ heating temperature of the thermal expansion of the inner ring diameter, this to have the bearing of the over surplus quantity of the ordinary, is enough. (2) a reach the required heating temperature, be about to install as soon as possible, so as to avoid cooling and installation difficulties. (3) bearing during cooling in the width direction also have shrinkage, therefore when installation to a certain pressure inner ring to the shoulder pressure, and with a very thin feeler attempt after cooling test, whether inside the gap between end face and shoulder. All in all, action requires skilled, quick and accurate.
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