The classification of the grease - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
There are many types and grades of lubricating grease, it also has many kinds of classification methods. Sorted according to the composition of base oil, such as divided into oil base oil and grease oil grease; Some classification according to the use, such as divided into antifriction, protective grease and grease sealing grease; Some according to grease a feature category, such as high temperature grease and hardy fat and extreme pressure grease, etc. According to the national standard GB7631. 1 the lubricants and related products ( L) The classification of class part 8: X group ( Grease) ', carry out in November 1991, the standard for GB7631. 8. The classification standard is only applicable to lubrication equipment, machinery parts and automobile, etc all kinds of grease, does not apply to special purpose ( Such as contact food, radiation, high vacuum, etc. ) The classification of the grease. Before a grease with a set of ( 5) Capital English letters code says, for example, L - XBEGB00 each letter has its specific meaning. Grease (see table 1 below X group) Is classified according to the using characteristics, are shown in table 2 below in table 3 letters (4 Water pollution) It determined according to table 3. Table 1 tag order (grease From left to right) L X( 1) letters Letters 2 to 3 letters 4 5 grade lubricant viscosity class groups, low temperature high temperature grease (water pollution Water resistance, anti-rust property) Extreme pressure grease consistency, table 2 classification code letter ( 1) letters General purpose use tag operating temperature scope letter 4 water pollution load EP letters 5 consistency lowest temperature (1) / ℃ to 2 minimum temperature (2) / 3 ℃ letter X 0 - grease 20 - 30 - 40 < - - - - - - 40 A B C D E F 60 90 120 140 160 180> 180 A B C D E F G under the condition of water pollution, the lubricity of the grease, water resistance and anticorrosive gave birth to A B C D E F G H I under high load and low load, said the lubricity and extreme pressure property of the grease. In A non extreme pressure grease; Expressed with B type extreme pressure grease B, can choose the following consistency number: 000 00 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 A grease marks is by the code letters X with other four letters and consistency level together to mark (1) equipment when starting or running, or pumping grease, the lowest temperature. (2) when use, is the highest temperature of lubrication components. Table 3 determined methods of the water pollution situation of water pollution, environmental conditions (1), (2) letters rustproof 4 environmental conditions (1), (2) letters rustproof 4 L L L M M M H M A B C D E L L M H H H H L M H F I G H L said dry environment; M says static damp environment; H says washing. (2) L said no rust; M says fresh water in the presence of rust; H says the presence of brine of rust protection. According to the rules, a kind of grease, use under the following conditions, given the grease marks: for example the lowest operating temperature: - 20℃; The highest operating temperature: 160 ℃; Environmental conditions 2 withstand washing; Anti-rust: no rust; Load conditions: high load; Level of consistency: 00. The grease marks should be: L - XBEGB00。 As you can see, this kind of the classification of the grease, with previous classification have bigger difference, the international organization for standardization ( 1SO) Has confirmed that begin to execute. But traditionally, still use thickener types taxonomy, namely soap base grease, hydrocarbon resin, organic and inorganic fat fat.
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