NTN roller bearing in daily use failure maintenance considerations - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
After the NTN bearing installation, in order to check whether installed correctly, check for running. Small mechanical can rotate with the hand, to confirm whether to rotate smoothly. Check project has caused by foreign bodies, scars, creasing seized up, due to bad installation, installation of seat processing bad moment is not stable, because the clearance is too small, installation error, seal friction caused by the torque is too big, and so on. If there is no abnormal can start power operation. Large machinery from manual rotation, so after no-load start immediately cut off the power, machine idle, check whether there is presence of vibration, noise, rotating parts contact, etc. , confirmed after no abnormalities, into power operation. Dynamic operation, from the beginning of the no-load speed, slowly up to the rated operating conditions. Test run to check the items, whether there is abnormal sound, the change of wheel bearing temperature, lubricant leakage or discoloration, and so on. If discovery is unusual, should immediately stop, check machine, when it is necessary to remove the bearing inspection. Temperature, average according to the external temperature of the bearing. But using the oil hole directly measuring the temperature of the NTN bearing outer ring more accurate. The bearing temperature, starting operation gradually increases, usually 1 ~ 2 hours after the temperature stability. If the roller bearing installation, the temperature will rise sharply, abnormal high temperature. The reason such as lubricant, bearing clearance is too small, too much bad installation, excessive friction sealing device, etc. High-speed rotating occasions, such as the choice of structure, the lubrication method error is also the reason. 1) Bearing washed with kerosene, pressed into the bearing seat, fill toward the roller bearing outer ring shell 3 lithium base grease to two-thirds full, with clean hands evenly daub, mount NTN bearing gland, use add bolt locking glue binding bolt pressure bearing gland; 2) Bearing for inside and outside the separable cylindrical roller bearings, bearing inner suit on the rotating shaft and should be in place; 3) The bearing seat is installed on the casing, such as grease oil injection hole, must be on the position. Use add bolt locking glue tighten bolts pressure bearing; 4) Inside and outside the eccentric block is installed on the rotating shaft and is in place, with the shaft key shaft key should be load within the keyway to eccentric block, shaft with ring on the rotating shaft; 5) Tight the bolt fixed eccentric block, adjustable eccentric block, make it reach to unload in front of the Angle position and tighten the fastening bolts. Above after completion of assembly, shaft should have certain axial string move; 6) On guard at the ends of the vibration motor, with screw fastening. Imported bearings for the installation form of vibration motor and other aspects of performance are not change, the effect of it from different perspectives to consider also has a certain change, in the form of effect, slowly for all aspects of the installation is also have a certain understanding. Use factors mainly refers to install, use, maintenance, maintenance, repair and so on meets the technical requirements. Installation conditions is one of the primary factor of use factor, NTN bearing is often caused by improper installation of a complete set of change the stress of roller bearing between various parts, bearing in the abnormal state run and early failure. According to the bearing installation, use, maintenance, maintenance of technical requirements, the operation of the NTN bearing on the load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication condition monitoring and inspection, found that abnormal immediately to find the reason, adjustment, so that it is back to normal. In addition, analyze the grease and the surrounding medium, the atmosphere quality inspection is also very important.
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