NTN bearing use principle and the function of oil - bearing in knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
The masses of customers in the use of all kinds of NTN bearing grease there will always be some improper usage, today, we tell you the use of grease in the bearing under the principle and function. 1, grease using the principle of everyone is to the liquid oil is a kind of very thick solution. This soap grease is a network of fibers, its structure determines it can absorb a large number of lubricating oil, and make it work. But as you can imagine if a sponge will be squeezed, water will flow out. Grease will also because get squeezed the lubricating oil discharge, but for the NTN bearing grease rarely direct squeeze oil discharge, because of a recent import bearing lubrication in timeliness, oil is on the internal space of the bearing. The main working principle is 'temperature'. 2, grease the practical function of the grease oil discharge to the main reason for the sliding surface is around the NTN bearing grease caused the temperature rise. When the bearing running normal working conditions, grease can reach the sliding friction surface. With the increase of temperature lubrication began to work. NTN import bearings with grease lubrication advantages: 1) Individual bearing point, must often go with the hand, such as switch to fat is both convenient and can avoid the accident caused by short of oil. 2) The fat itself has sealing function, which can allow the sealing degree is not high simplifies the design of institutions. 3) Experience has shown (to a certain speed range n< 20000 r/min or dn< 20000mm. r / min) Lithium base grease lubrication is much simpler to use than drip method has lower temperature and longer bearing life. 2, NTN import bearings lubrication theory basis: the bearing lubrication mechanism is belong to the theory of elastic liquid dynamic pressure lubrication. 3, NTN bearing failure type and lubrication relationships: most of the failure reason is because there is something wrong with assembly, the damage is sealed. A handful of the cause of the failure is due to the lack of or excess lubricant or substandard etc caused by the wear, agglutination, corrosion and overheating, etc. 4, the basic characteristics of the grease and to choose the standard of the grease: choosing grease, must choose and use conditions, Temperature, velocity, load and environment, etc. ) Adapt to grease, these are related to the basic characteristics of the grease, but the basic characteristics of the grease depends on the thickener and the type of base oil.
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