NSK thrust ball bearing on preventive maintenance knowledge of attention - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
NSK thrust ball bearings for preventive maintenance of equipment, operation and peripheral parts replacement NSK thrust ball bearing is removed for inspection, NSK thrust ball bearing parts need, in turn, determine whether can be used again and record the usage of good from bad. Carefully investigate and record the NSK thrust ball bearing is removed and appearance. In order to explore the residual amount of investigation and lubricant, after sampling, NSK thrust ball bearing to be a good cleaning. NSK thrust ball bearing raceway surface of the second inspection, rolling surface and cooperate with the surface condition and wear conditions of cage with and without damage to watch the race and abnormal situation especially the running track. Judge bearing can use again, to the extent of the damage in considering bearing, machine performance, importance, and operation conditions, such as inspection period to decide later. Test results, if found damage NSK thrust ball bearing and the abnormal situation, please according to the bearing damage phenomenon to find out the reason, formulate countermeasures. In addition, the test results, if there are several kinds of defects, NSK thrust ball bearing can no longer use, need to replace new bearing. 一个。 Inner and outer ring, rolling body, to keep any of them are cracks and debris. b。 Inner and outer ring, rolling body any one strip. c。 Raceway surface, guard, significant injury of roller. d。 Maintains a badly worn or loose rivet badly. e. Raceway surface, rust and roller has a scar. f。 Had a remarkable indentation rolling surface, rolling body and make a mark. g。 Inner ring diameter or outer diameter on the creep. h。 Discoloration of overheating.
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