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NSK bearings use item and use the maintenance steps - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
NSK bearings imported in addition to the quality, is also due to very fine parts, is not only the function of high bearing, assumptions used in the process of using improper, not only cannot achieve the expected function effect, and it's easy to make the bearing damage, we now must pay attention to in smooth. NSK bearings use items: one, using the device to be really careful not to allow powerful punch, shall not use directly on the bearing, cannot pass to move body pressure. Second, using the appropriate and accurate device as far as possible using the dedicated things, avoid using cloth class and short fiber, things like that. Third, try to stick to the bearing and its around environment clean even invisible to the naked eye chuckled dust into the bearings, also can add bearing wear, vibration and noise. Small dilettante gatekeeper is a way, the industry is how to improve the corrosion resistance of NSK bearings? Four, avoid rust by hand take bearing bearing, to wash hands fluid, robust and mineral oils with excellent after operation, especially in the dry season and summer to pay attention to rust. NSK bearings in a special operating conditions, can get a good traditional computing become old, yea, especially in the case of light load. These special operating conditions is, when the moving surface ( Track and move) Can be separated by a smooth film effectively and constraints of pollutants may cause the appearance of damage. In fact, under the condition of ambition, the so-called persistent bearing life is possible. NSK bearings, of course, in use process, maintenance work is also essential, if, NSK bearings have been didn't work for the good maintenance work, NSK bearings using water-soluble cutting fluid, is likely to return to lead to water on the corrosion of metal surface, resulting in the bearing surface is smooth, resulting in machine tools, machinery, improper operation, cause harm is also big, therefore, NSK bearings for maintenance is inevitable. The bearing NSK bearing network share use maintenance steps: 1, keep check before NSK bearing NSK bearing lubrication and cleaning, you should clean the surface of NSK bearings, then remove the spare parts of NSK bearings. Pay special attention to, oil seal is very fragile parts, NSK bearings in check and remove don't overexert, so as to avoid damage to bearing parts. If NSK bearings in the check and the surrounding parts of the oil seal has presented the adverse symptoms, please be replaced, in order to avoid bad NSK bearing oil seal can cause damage. NSK bearing 2, to ensure the quality of the lubricating oil NSK bearing life is too short, many later found that in addition to other factors, normal, but I don't know which directly affected the quality of the lubricant. Check NSK bearing lubricants, lubricants in the friction between the two fingers, if you have any pollutant, can feel it; Or in the back, coated with a thin layer of oil, and then seal the light. Then replace the lubricant of NSK bearings. 3 NSK bearings, NSK bearings working environment inspection, let it not be exposed to environmental pollutants or moisture. Such as plastic or similar materials should be taken to appear in front of the two paper covering machine. Bearing of the working environment is also very important, many mechanical work in import bearings because the environment is not enough, lead to an early end of imported bearing life. 4, NSK bearing seal bearing seal: the purpose of preventing dust, water and impurity entering the bearing, but also to prevent the loss of lubricant. Good sealing, can guarantee the normal operation of the machine, and reduce noise, prolong the service life of parts.
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