New materials with traditional machining technology to repair reducer bearing wear - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
【 Abstract 】 A steel mill reducer bearing wear, the wear quantity is unilateral 0. 5 mm or so, the speed reducer is the key to enterprises in the production line equipment, wear and tear problems after reducer bearing ablation phenomenon, caused by bearing wear problems, use of f the blue polymer composite materials combined with the traditional machining technology to solve the problem very well. 【 Keywords 】 Rolling mill, steel industry, online repair, trunnion running wear, bearing inner ring, polymer composites, the blue, 1 and general equipment, reducer gear box is a kind of transmission, is generally used in low speed high torque transmission equipment, principle is to put the motor, internal combustion engine, motor, or other high-speed operation of the power, through the input shaft of the reducer on less number of teeth on the gear engagement output shaft of the big gear, so as to achieve the aim of slowing down; Is the ratio of the size of the number of teeth on the gears, gear ratio. Reducer is a kind of the closed in rigid casing of gear transmission, worm drive and gear - Worm drive composed of independent components, commonly used as the machine moving parts and work between the reduction gear. Between the prime mover and work machine or actuator has a function in matching speed and transfer torque is widely applied in modern machinery. 2, failure analysis of the phenomenon and reason of some iron and steel enterprise reducer bearing is a bearing fracture caused by bearing wear, 280 mm diameter of axle, bearing a 140 mm, wear is 0. About 5 mm. Reducer bearing wearing reason is mainly due to the speed reducer of working conditions, in the process of long-term operation, the bearing surface of bearing inner circle extrusion pressure and the effect of compound mechanical force, mating surface in metal fatigue. Metal material concession sex difference, the longer it is easy to cause micro fit clearance, if not found in time and take measures, will cause the micro gap widening, directly run bearing inner ring, bearing damage. 3, the traditional repair mode and technical analysis, 3 f the blue field repair mode. 1, the traditional repair mode for such bearing wear and tear of equipment, the traditional repair process is after removal to the repair workshop equipment for processing, and the traditional machine processing plants usually wear is larger for machining processing after repair welding, and to wear small plating method is adopted to repair. The periphery of the above two kinds of repair technology is nowadays industries commonly used means of repair, repair workshop such repair process while the repair precision is higher, but the influence of domestic machining level causes after repair welding to repair the bearing and the bearing of effective contact area is lesser, in use after a period of time the smaller effective contact area damaged by metal fatigue will wear problems; Larger bearings in addition to wear during the repair welding, repair welding process must be strictly controlled, is likely to be affected by any carelessness caused bearing a local thermal deformation caused by repair welding temperature is too high, influence equipment overall rigidity, bring irreversible damage to the equipment. 3. 2, the blue field repair mode f the blue polymer composites 2211 f is a kind of high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance and can be machined metal repair material, this material has a good bonding power and mechanical performance after curing, not only has the strength and hardness of metal, and its microcosmic concession, using polymer materials to repair, no repair welding thermal stress effect, repair thickness is not restricted. Because the reducer for outages, to ensure accuracy under the premise of repair time as short as possible, the enterprise has the capability of machining, but worry about traditional repair welding technology thermal effects on the shaft, and repair welding repair because of the need to control thermal stress, so the repair welding for a long time. So he gave up the traditional repair welding machine repair process, repair welding link will adopt alternative products f the blue 2211 f, the daub after 2211 f materials heat curing processing of grinding can be carried out on 75 min, repair time is short, high precision, is applicable to the repair. 4, 4 f the blue repair process and application of image information. 1, the blue 4 repair process. 1. 1, first of all, the actual size of field measurement axis, once again confirm the uneven wear size; 4. 1. 2 on the lathe to car a knife to remove surface impurities and repair, make its unilateral depth greater than zero. 8 mm, and the surface roughening treatment ( Processing coarse thread) ; 4. 1. 3 the use of acetone or ethanol ( Analysis of the pure, the purity of 99. 7%) Clean the surface; 4. 1. 4 according to the proportion of harmonic materials until the colorless difference; 4. 1. 5 axis under the conditions of low speed rotation daub polymer materials. Points repeatedly daub, the first layer to thin, ensure material into every pore pressure, the thickness of the coating material is greater than the benchmark size of shaft, and set aside the machining allowance; 4. 1. After 6 daub materials keep axis rotation in a state of natural curing or heat curing ( Temperature in 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃) ; 4. 1. 7 after completion of curing materials, and then through the grinding machine for grinding processing base dimensions of the shaft, the amount of interference can be adequate add 0. 03 ~ 0. 05mm。 Note: when grinding, grinding liquid cooling must be used; Shaft end parts repair materials must be chamfering processing. 4. 1. 8 machining repair after the completion of the heat load bearing. 4. 2, 5, conclusion through the repair process for the success of the reducer shaft wear problem of gear repair, once again proved that f the blue technology can fundamentally good solve the problem of axial wear, compared with the traditional repair not only save the maintenance time, and wide range of USES, hazard risk is small, fast and convenient, simple operation, low human strength. The blue products can match a variety of repair process, on the premise of precision guarantee repair quickly and efficiently solve the problem of all kinds of transmission parts wear.
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