Needle roller bearing performance analysis

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Self-aligning properties of shaft centerline relative bearing hole centerline, bearing can still work normally. Double column centripetal ball bearings and double row centripetal spherical roller bearing with good heart performance. Roller bearings and needle roller bearings do not allow the inner and outer axis is tilted relative. All kinds of rolling bearing allows tilt Angle is different, such as the single-row radial ball bearing is 8 '~ 16', double column centripetal ball bearings for 2 ° ~ 3 °, tapered roller bearings' 2 or less. Under the certain condition of load and lubrication bearing limit speed allowed by the highest speed. Speed limit and the bearing type, size, precision, clearance, cage, load and cooling conditions and so on. Bearing working speed should be lower than the limit speed. Using high precision bearing, improving the structure of the cage and material, using oil mist lubrication, cooling conditions, etc. , can improve the speed limit. Main bearing lubrication grease lubrication and oil lubrication. With grease lubrication is not easy to leak, easy sealing, long using time, simple maintenance and high oil film strength, but the friction torque is bigger than oil lubrication, should not be used in high speed. Bearing grease in the loading amount should not exceed bearing 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the space, or you will make a bearing overheat due to stir too much lubricant. Oil lubrication cooling effect is good, but more complex sealing and oil supply device. Oil viscosity is commonly 0. 12 ~ 0. 2 cm/SEC. Big load, high working temperature, time and the use of high viscosity oil, high speed when choose the oil with low viscosity. Lubrication oil bath lubrication, oil drip lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil lubrication and pressure lubrication oil, etc. Oil bath lubrication, oil level shall not be higher than that of the bottom roller center. If the bearing is designed according to the elastic hydrodynamic pressure lubrication theory and the choice of lubricant viscosity, contact surface will be separated from the oil film. At this time, under the steady load, bearing life can raise a lot of times. Modern machines, instruments and other equipment is fast, overloading, precision, lightweight development, it puts forward many new requirements for rolling bearing, if at the same time of reducing size bearing maintain or even improve the rated load, using new technology to improve technology, improve the manufacturing accuracy, reduce the cost. Gm has been difficult to meet the requirements of various rolling bearing, should yield large machinery and equipment design and manufacture of special bearing, at the same time of strengthening standardization, increase the variety, enlarge the proportion of special bearings. The development of modern industry also need to work in the special conditions of special bearings, such as high speed, high temperature, low temperature, strong magnetic field, or work in acid, alkali and other medium of bearings.
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