Needle roller bearing internal structure

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Spherical roller bearings, as shown, with a high load capacity design of EA, C type, type CD, the CA model. Type design, EA, C type, type CD for punching cage, cage CA model for the copper alloy car system. EA has high load bearing capacity, low torque of the special features. EA type is the standard design with oil hole groove, for other types, in order to supply lubricant, can also be oil groove and oil hole, set for bearing outside diameter less than 180 mm, if you need with sump oil hole, NSK when ordering, please to E4 on bearing type superscript, for bearing outside diameter greater than 180 mm, the standard design for oil groove and oil hole ( Bearing model with E4) 。 In addition, with oil tank, oil hole of bearing, bearing oil groove depth is limited. So if oil also set out on the shell inside diameter is more effective.
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