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Jiaxing bearing small make up to tell you about deep groove bearing four kinds of common material analysis

by:Waxing     2020-11-19
There is rotational, have HRB bearing ( ) Jiaxing bearing group sales co. , LTD. ( The company) Is bearing group co. , LTD. Established in jiaxing spot sales window, specializing in HRB brand bearings, facing the whole country, the existing stock 50 million yuan, covers the whole bearing, have very strong spot supply, is the group's retail sales center. Bearing as the main component of mechanical equipment, its types and with the development of the materials is also different, the authors explain common material use of deep groove bearings, deep groove bearings are the most common type of ball bearing, the basic model of deep groove ball bearing consists of inner ring and outer ring, ball and cage, lubricants, mainly depending on the use place we can be roughly divided into four kinds of materials. Deep groove bearing four kinds of common material analysis 1. Ring and ball materials: ring and ball bearings are usually made of high carbon chromium bearing steel. Most deep groove ball bearings use JIS SUJ2 steel in steel, which is the chrome steel ( GCr15) 。 The chemical composition of SUJ2 as normalized bearing materials around the world. For example, it belongs to and AISL52100 ( The United States) DIN100Cr6 ( West Germany) BS535A99 ( The UK) The same steel grade. In addition to the steel grade, depending on the specific purpose, excellent heat resistance of high speed steel is used and has a good bearing materials such as corrosion resistance of stainless steel. 2. Cage materials: punch retainers material is made from low carbon steel. According to the application, also can use brass and stainless steel plate. Iron cage material USES high strength brass, carbon steel, also can use synthetic resin. 3, dust cover and seal, dust cover on the basis of carbon steel. If necessary, also can choose AISI - 300 stainless steel. Can use different types of sealing material for high temperature operation and the compatibility of the grease. Fluorocarbon, silicone resin and PTFE seals are usually used in high temperature. 4. Lubricants: with dust cover and seal bearing grease injection standards. According to actual requirements using different lubricant, deep groove ball bearing using standard oil. If you are looking for the above jiaxing bearing group co. , LTD. The author introduces the bearing inspection and replacement of interest or have any questions, please click on the website on the right side of the online customer service or call:, you close the way of jiaxing bearing purchasing advisors. - - - - - - Editor: jiaxing bearing sourcing consultant LTD. All rights reserved, The company) Reprint please indicate the source
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