How to detect whether there is a problem of motor bearing, change from time to tome what to notice? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Motor flexible rotation or not, directly affect the size of the electric power consumption. If the motor is not flexible, takes a lot of power, the motor sound is bigger, the motor will be hot, range significantly shortened. Among them, the motor bearing clearance is too large is one of the most common motor mechanical failure. That how can we judge, motor bearing is there a problem? Very simple, we will put the car up and swung with the hand motor, if there is a gap, feel about the motor bearing, need to change. Cycling can hear when the motor with abnormal noise, also have no common flexible rotation. Motor bearing gap is too big, what is the effect of long period of time? After a long period of time, will cause bearing outside running round likely, once outside running round, even if to replace the motor bearings doesn't work, just need to change the motor, so that it will do more harm than good. And from side to side of the gap, the greater the likely will be jammed the brakes, the normal run of rear wheel brake drum cover and motor direct friction. Empty up may not be obvious, but when riding very harsh friction can be heard, and the rear wheels will be severely burned. When we are sure there is something wrong with the motor bearing, we need to do is tear open come down to the motor. In motor bearing, and we introduced before change the motor hall steps are the same, just change now is bearing. Motor bearings in general, at the time of change, with the two of the best replacement. Close to the motor phase line is relatively more difficult to dismantle the bearing point, sometimes, the motor shaft rust is tight. We may need to use some tools. For this kind of motor shaft rust, we need to use sand paper to grind the motor shaft, the polished away the rust, then order some clean engine oil. So wait with three jaw ramallah came out will be more easier. With three jaw ramallah bearing, tubing must straighten. In case of pull pull the motor shaft deformation. With this kind of rama, cooperate with the wind cannons, so is the energy, speed is fast. On the other side of the bearing is relatively simple, as simple and change the front wheel bearing. After replacement of bearing, combine the motor cover and rotor position, remember must still need to apply a layer of sealant, prevent water, in the replacement of motor bearing, it is important to note that don't damage the oil seal, if oil seal damage, we need to change. Bearing installation is more simple, filling the new bearing butter, then into the motor cover and rotor, installed. This is no skills. We will closed motor cover, if the rotor rotation is not flexible, not in place, need to reinstall it again of the stator and rotor. The motor has cover, still need to check the hall. Prevention after loading the car can't run. This kind of situation, have a mechanic before met, before the car ride well, replace the motor bearings, may be due to vibration, a certain hall is damaged, vehicles may not run. Before we loading with the testing as long as a few seconds of the repair treasure can determine, this is also a detail. After testing, if the motor hole, no problem, we can directly loading.
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