How to clear the oil - bearing on the TIMKEN bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
TIMKEN latest development and production of a new type of lubricating oil. In some applications, unable to close, so I can't add lubricating oil, or operating environment requirements very good antifouling performance. And this new type of lubricating oil is the ideal choice for these special case. The solid lubricating oil ( 固体油) Can completely filling the TIMKEN bearing internal space, cover the cage and rolling body, since it is not only to the TIMKEN bearing operation and work without any influence, but also greatly prolong the service life of TIMKEN bearings. Polymer materials are numerous microporous structure, can accommodate four times more oil than usual. With the moving of the table inside, lubrication can release slowly, this will ensure that each TIMKEN bearing lubrication of. Oil filled polymer materials were moulded into the TIMKEN bearings. In moulding process, rolling element and raceway around will form a very narrow gap and allow the TIMKEN bearing parts to rotate. Into the gap of oil from the start, provide good lubrication for bearings. Compared with traditional structure, the lubricating oil can lead to a series of advantages. In particular, is not under what kind of operating temperature, it can ensure the lubrication oil of average distribution on the surface of TIMKEN bearings. TIMKEN bearing because of frequent use, oil can reduce the service life of bearing, we how to clear the oil on the TIMKEN bearings? Here to teach you a method to easily clear the oil on the TIMKEN bearings. Soft dry oil or rust cream hardening bearing, should dip in 100 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ hot oil, clamp bearing with forceps, brush with wool clean oil bearing. Soft dry oil or rust creams are heated to 100 ℃ ~ 200 ℃, melting, easily washed out of the bearing gap. Sometimes as long as bearing repeatedly shaking in the oil. The oil into crevices from. In cleaning the TIMKEN bearings to the heart of spherical bearing, you should put the ball, pearl horizontal transfer from the outer ring, internal ring into hot oil, again after a short cylindrical roller bearing when cleaning roller, beads, also should be the inner ring and outer ring off. In the hot oil when cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20 ℃.
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