For the needle roller bearing production we need to pay attention to

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Bearing belongs to a kind of the most precision machinery parts and components, and compared with other parts of the needle roller bearing and there are a lot of different, roller bearings are generally a surface of revolution body and very short, generally used machine tools for processing and grinding, although the needle roller bearing structure of this kind of parts is very simple, but the technical requirements of its production is very high. General production needle bearing need to pay attention to the following aspects: 1, the needle roller processing attention points, mainly the precision of needle roller bearing is generally higher, generally we can only see in actual operation and component itself needs some processing, mainly for geometric accuracy need superfinishing or grinding can meet the requirements. 2, a generic type needle roller bearing need to carry on the processing of procedures need at least 20 - More than 40, high up to more than 70 production process. , of course, these for needle roller bearing processing technology, fine processing is just a small part of the production, in the process of daily production in addition to these two points above, but also according to the particularity of needle roller bearing and the special requirements of some users, pay attention to production process, and careful processing production technology workers.
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