Flat needle bearing what advantage in use process

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Planar hybrid ceramic bearing needle roller bearing manufacturer may be less common, and hybrid ceramic bearing main configuration consists of inner and outer ring of bearing steel/stainless steel + ceramic ball + PA66 / stainless steel retainer + 2 rs/ZZ combination. Hybrid ceramic bearing has the following advantages in the use process. High heat resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic ball, under the environment of high temperature will not, because of the temperature result in bearing ball expansion, which greatly improve the bearing temperature, the use of ordinary bearing temperature at 160 degrees, ceramic ball can reach above 220 degrees. Speed is high, the ceramic ball with oilless self-lubrication properties, ceramic ball friction coefficient is small, so the ceramic ball bearing has the very high speed. Meter statistics using ceramic ball bearing is generally the speed of the bearing 1. More than 5 times the speed. Life is long, ceramic ball can not add any grease, kill, that is to say, even if the oil bearing can operate, thus avoiding the ordinary bearing because grease off cause premature bearing damage. According to our test, and some customer feedback after using ceramic ball bearing service life is 2 - plain bearing Three times. Insulation used ceramic ball bearings, can make the bearing insulation between the inner and outer ring, because ceramic ball is an insulator, in bearings with ceramic balls between inside and outside the circle, can achieve the effect of the insulation. This allows the bearing can be used in conductive environment. This is also the advantage of hybrid ceramic bearing large. Flat rolling bearing manufacturer of needle roller bearing with light weight, shock absorption, noise reduction, and the advantages of low cost. Compared with the metal bearing, flat needle bearing tribology performance test, friction and wear mechanism, fatigue life, the quality control standards and use needle roller bearings, such as the specification information are also very few. Subject to further research work. Flat rolling bearing manufacturer of needle roller bearing heat treatment has two aspects of meaning: on the one hand, is based on the use of the whole machine request, data size, layout, using computer imitation of common physical metallurgy and elders and testing techniques, optimization of process parameters, reach the required function or to display data of power; On the other hand is adequate guaranteeing the stability of the optimization process, finished product quality dispersion is small ( Or zero) And the heat treatment distortion is zero.
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