FAG tapered roller bearing lubrication device use the matters needing attention - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
When the bearing is installed, can according to its type and size, select machinery, such as heating or hydraulic method. But in any case, you can tap on a tapered roller bearing directly on the circle, cage, rolling body or seals. Toward a FAG bearing force when installation, must not through the rolling element bearing from a transfer to another bearing ring, otherwise it may cause damage to the race. First: the first is two fuel tanks equipment, with a case, switch on a regular basis, spare fuel tank cleaning, oil temperature precipitation, net oil from water. Second, the degassing tank should be set back to oil region plate - Reducing gas shock; The magnetic grid device - Adsorption back into oil with lron machine; Floating oil suction mouth - Liquid level below the appropriate position of oil absorption. Automatic drainage device or flooding alarm device Separate the precipitation water discharge in time; Dynamic liquid level control - For sudden large oil leakage alarm or interlock. Three, oil filtration precision is high, the general requirements filtration precision up to 10 ~ 20 microns to ensure the purity of the product. Four, to maintain a constant oil pressure, lubrication system pressure control device to have high sensitivity and accuracy, avoid the pressure change, work pressure drop, cause local shortage of lubricating oil in lubrication system, oil film FAG bearing wear and sintering. Five, the tank volume shall be the oil pump displacement of 35 ~ 40 times per minute, or even more. Under the condition of high oil level operation, to ensure the oil in the tank precipitation sufficiently long retention time. Six, in the lubrication system pressure tank must be run normally, reasonable control of filling oil flow quantity and tank liquid level, a part of the buffer system pressure fluctuations and emergency oil source of supply. Seven, oil temperature should be controlled between 40 + 2 ℃, to ensure that the drainage oil viscosity. Eight, filter must do to switch again after filtering cylinder air residual tapered roller bearings. For tapered roller bearing ring clearance fit, Suggestions on the fitting surface coated with a thin layer of peristalsis etchant, in case of friction between mating surface corrosion. The correct installation, for a FAG bearings use is very important. I hope you can in the later use with correct installation method.
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