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Fag bearing type queries: old double barrel of washing machine motor bearing can change

by:Waxing     2020-11-12
Accident occurs, the mother pipe jacking oil pressure has fallen to MPa, MPa is lower than the design values, double row angular contact ball bearing A - — Outside diameter less than or equal to mm bearing standard design. Also used for metal surface, fill gaps and antirust effect, colloidal stability is keep in storage and use of grease colloid stability, liquid mineral oil is not the performance of the precipitation from the fat. Level, this kind of failure did not appear again, refer to the relevant information, through measuring the parameters of the bearing outer ring and other major, set the following repair of bearing, so that we can to reduce bearing damage to small, at the same time, check the bearing inside the impurity in the lubricating oil, understand bearing used in the situation in a timely manner. Five table measurement point measurement method) In measuring the readings on the bearing at the same time, the measured °, °, °, ° on the axial bearing readings, and take its contractors on an axial reading for analysis and calculation of the average axial readings, with tongfang radial reading combined analysis of the coupling excursion, this kind of method and application characteristics of the same table method. Inner ring for rotating load, load of outer load for directional load, air conditioning and the house belongs to low or high ( Depends on work status) 。 Aiming at this phenomenon, to share the damage of the automobile rear wheel bearing symptoms, the cause of the bearing damage, and how we check whether the wheel bearing damage some knowledge, hope to help our car's friends, travel for the sake of safety, vehicle such as hairy we found as soon as possible, handle in time. Axial stiffness big means starting torque is bigger, along the shaft of the induced voltage will produce at the same time, through the bearing, bearing and bearing B current loop, as shown in figure. Bearing scraping the research purpose is to make tile lining form of geometry, bearing and the shaft collar is wedge gap, in order to protect shaft rotates, the friction surface can form a wedge of oil film, from shaft neck up tile line, under the effect of the buoyancy of the oil film, in order to reduce and friction lining, reduce the wear and power consumption. Process: with us like journal of level measurement, and make records, the bearing sleeve in block and depression nest shall be in contact with good, and the rotor on the tile is used after. Level as shown in figure of bearing outer ring size is his lower deviation is, the smaller relative to the graph h, so cooperate with clearance is small, the same clearance fit large interval is small, which is with the same name will be tight. In addition, we also notice when choosing radiator is not too thick on the bottom of the radiator, because of the thermal conductivity of the aluminum is not very good, is too thick will affect heat transfer; Some additional grooves on the surface of the radiator should close, this will ensure that the radiator can have larger contact area with air, so as to enhance the cooling effect. Hot charging after the bearing assembly can be switched on, the centripetal ball bearings of repairing the persistence of the centripetal bearing rack is easy craze, taken in explaining Xiao roll wear and bad too much room, measurement chart, as shown to allow space in mechanical design, is to determine the size of the shaft, then according to the size of the shaft to determine the size of the bearing.
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