Bearings have a low-speed bearing or bearing? How to distinguish? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
High speed bearing generally is based on linear velocity rather than speed to locate. High-speed bearing speed will reach speeds in excess of 60 meters per second, so small bearings may literally are tens of thousands of turn, but not high-speed bearing, and large bearing a few hundred revolutions per minute even if high-speed bearing, linear velocity is big reason is that the latter. In the sliding bearing, hydrostatic bearing, fluid dynamic pressure bearing, aerostatic bearing, gas dynamic pressure bearing is fit for high speed rotation. Rolling bearing is commonly used in low speed, sliding bearing is commonly used in high speed. As the name suggests, the rolling bearing in the ball bearing, spherical, cylindrical and conical. Sliding bearing is generally in bearing. High speed bearing through the appearance is very difficult to identify, and mostly in the common low-speed bearing and cheap price, but more in the machinery used in the internal high-speed bearing. Generally used in high speed bearing machine if internal cooling with liquid bearing oil lubrication bearing is not used in this high speed has little power for the motor car, high-speed bearing can also use solid bearing lubrication oil cooling. General use within the engine transmission differential is high-speed bearing, and chassis such as half shaft wheel hub bearing using low-speed bearing. If from the outside must go to distinguish between high speed bearing, we can see the following two points: 1, high speed bearing is higher than the accuracy of the low-speed bearing, and its surface roughness is small. Visual difference is high-speed bearing surface more smooth than low-speed bearing, outer ring and inner ring shaking high-speed bearing gap smaller, and low speed, on the other hand. 2, high-speed bearing compared with low-speed bearing, the precision of the bearing steel ball or roller is different, and the precision is higher than the precision of the low-speed bearing raceway, high-speed bearing of high rank and good material, such as steel microstructure, hardness, etc. Generally in the rolling bearing to adapt to the low speed of rotation, if you are using a high speed rotary rolling bearings need special requirements, can be used according to the load factors such as reasonable selection of the model. If speed is between 5 to 60 meters per second is not high-speed bearing, just general bearing lubrication can meet. If in some special occasions to use higher speed bearings, such as used in high-speed cutting machine tools and precision machining of high speed rotation axis ChengHai can use ceramic bearings, electrical, magnetic bearings and other special bearings, will contact the professional manufacturers.
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