Bearing used in lubricants knowledge of complement and change - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
一个。 The complement of the grease time interval due to mechanical action, aging and the increase of pollution, fill in the bearing configuration of lubrication base will gradually lose its lubrication performance. Therefore, the lubrication rank need to continuously add and update. Lubricant added time interval will be due to the formation, size and speed of the bearing is different, according to the running time of general interval to add grease. In addition, when the bearing temperature exceeds 70 ℃, under the condition of bearing temperature rise every 15 ℃, then use the added time interval of the grease reduced by half. Double sealed bearings is already loaded lipid during manufacturing, 'HRB' used in these products is a standard grease, total operating temperature scope of the provisions and other performance is suitable for the occasion, and fill in the amount of fat also accordingly with the bearing size, the service life of grease can generally be over bearing life, except for special occasions, do not need to add grease. b。 Lubricating oil replacement cycle of lubricating oil change cycle due to the using conditions and oil amount is different, in general, under the operating temperature of 50 ℃, less dust, when used under the good environment of change once a year, when the oil temperature reaches 100 ℃, be replaced every 3 months or less.
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