Bearing the emergence of a new technology of repair equipment management knowledge of the Gospel - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Ball mill, simple in structure, convenient in maintenance is a wide range of milling equipment, ball mill is horizontal cylindrical rotating device, the outer gear and small gear, reducer, transmission equipment. Centrifugal force generated by cylinder rotation after the ball to a certain height, the circulation process of material crushing. Often appears in the operation of the ball mill vibration, noise sound ball mill and the problem of wear and tear in April 2018, the enterprise 1 # ball mill drive pinion found abnormal vibration, found in the overhaul of pinion bearing wear occurred, due to the peak in the production, not offline maintenance and replacement of new parts, looking for a variety of repair technology can realize the online repair. Companies seek to sauvy industrial, in view of this problem sauvy industry provide advice on the scientific analysis and repair. On April 17, sauvy industrial technical personnel repair work to the enterprise, in eight hours to complete repair and boot to run production. Pinion shaft bearing wear, bearing 23256 ca/w33, journal of 280 mm, rear axle shoulder. '330. 4 to 5 mm, unilateral wear 5mm。 Sauvy engineer measuring bearing a wear depth bearing a online repair technology of sauvy technology advantage analysis: sauvy industrial carbon nanometer polymer repair technology is the use of carbon nanotubes unique mechanical properties of polymer materials and corresponding repair process online repair axial of wear and tear. Coated sauvy SD7101H material its advantage is good cohesive force, good pressure resistance, wear resistance and qualifications do not have the metal elastic deformation and so on comprehensive mechanical properties to realize online repair, repair with high efficiency. Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer material similar to a cold welding technology, on-line repairing process does not produce high temperature, good to protect equipment from damage of ontology, and not be restricted by wear is in the process of repair. Bearing repair to assembly
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