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Bearing temperature reason, phenomenon and knowledge processing method - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
1. The cause of the bearing temperature: ( 1) 。 Bearing cooling water. ( 2) 。 Degradation of oil, the oil itself is not clean or run medium oil degradation, such as moisture in the oil increase can cause the acidity of the oil, can reduce oil lubrication, the bearing shell was corrosion, cause temperature rise of bearing. 2. Phenomenon: 1) 。 ( 2) 。 Bright, light plate machine by hydraulic mechanical fault indicates the instrument temperature, bearing temperature signal relay action. ( 3) 。 The thermometer plate ( Inflating the thermometer) Black stitches overlap or more yellow and yellow needle. ( 4) 。 Bearing temperature fault signal. 3. Processing, as the bearing temperature rise first determines whether the misoperation, as did rise, should do the following treatment: ( 1) 。 Check the cooling water pressure, water flow and pipeline system is normal. If water is likely to be lower filter blockage, cannot be handled in a timely manner, to stop treatment, when confirm can work, then put into use. ( 2) 。 Should be to check if the governor oil pressure, oil pressure is low can lead to cooling water hydraulic valve closed. ( 3) 。 Check for different bearing, bearing and testing degrees whether there are abnormal. ( 4) 。 Take oil whether there is a change of color, sample observation and test to see whether metamorphism. If confirm the degradation new oil should be replaced downtime. ( 5) 。 Check the oil standard oil level is normal, if abnormal, check that the sump oil discharge valve is shut. If the matter, should fill oil, if is the sealant mat permeability oil, should stop processing.
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