- bearing of rotary bearing use and maintenance knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
To use ( 1) Rotary bearing factory is usually note the 3 # lithium base grease, when customers to use, can according to need to fill in the appropriate grease injection. ( 2) General work conditions, operating 100 hours after installation should check a bolt pre-tightening force, later check each running 500 hours, must keep enough pre-tightening force. After 14000 hours, every seven years or work change the bolt. ( 3) General work conditions, the ball slewing bearing operation after 100 hours after installation note a grease, roller slewing bearing grease will be listed after 50 hours. Check each running 400 hours later and suitable amount of filling to keep good lubrication condition, and make records. When many dust and high humidity areas use should be according to the specific situation at least ensure lubrication once a week. And for a long time before and after the stop shall update the grease. Every time lubrication to the race must be filled with grease. When filling should slow rotation slewing bearing, make its full uniform fill. 4) Rotary bearing tooth surface should guarantee every 8 - Ten working days to clean oil change once, never mixed with foreign body. Regularly check the rotary bearing seal is in good condition, such as found that the seal off should be reset in a timely manner; If there is any breakage should be replaced immediately, in order to prevent foreign matter into the race. Storage, maintenance, 1) Rotary bearing factory race has a grease injection, and the surface is coated with anti-rust oil. Rotary bearing packaging according to customer needs, has a single packaging, also have a whole circle packing. ( 2) If not install and use, should be six months a surface oil service in order to prevent rust, south three months a surface oil service. Rotary bearing raceway. Should guarantee 1 year for a lubrication and maintenance, maintenance should rotate when rotary bearing inspection operation is flexible. After all the maintenance shall restore the rotary bearing initial state, and film packaging. ( 3) Placed rotary bearing should be in the absence of corrosive medium, dry, level off of indoor storage, do not soak or water spray. ( 4) Set rotary bearing should be smooth, avoid vertical or diagonal. Flat ( Except the whole circle packing) Between each rotary bearing uniform placed 3 - at least in circumferential direction 5 block, and the upper and the lower piece on the position of the circumference of a circle should be consistent. Idle slewing bearing for many years, Especially much rain) Enabled should check, check project, please contact with my company's qc department or service.
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