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Bearing grease is too much, ABS sensor fault - bearing knowledge constantly

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
ABS sensor probe is a more delicate accessories, if in the bearing add butter, add more, will also affect the use of ABS sensor probe and the bearing network according to understand, is to explore the bearing grease and the correlation of the ABS sensor butter too much affects not only the best lubricating effect, produce waste, but also can lead to ABS sensor probe failure. 1, with the increase of time, ABS sensor probe surface dirt although ABS sensor probe surface almost entirely by the metal cover, but the actual use, it is a fragile thing. Because of its location close to the bearing, time grows, it is easy to be dust and all kinds of ball bearings in butter dirty, rust, even fill it with the wheel gear ring dirt, affect magnetic induction detection result. Be butter cover of ABS sensor probe 2, smudgy probe has not see like many ABS sensor fault cases are caused by bearing too much butter, too much of the butter when installing wheel is easy to be pushed to the probe. Light effect of ABS sensor sensitivity, or as a direct result of probe can't induction gear ring, let the ABS system failure. Bearing grease is too much, which brings to the ABS sensor bad influence, how to handle? 3, butter and dust deposit to probe on the surface of both axle sensor bracket, installation or late manual welding, this kind of situation is very common, butter and metal pads falling debris and dust, all piled up to the surface of the probe. Use oil cleanser 4, use the butter evenly daub after cleaning, prevent rust in the bushing stent and the situation of the prevention and treatment methods are very simple, that is bearing don't too much butter, right amount. When clearing only need to remove probe from the scaffold, thoroughly clean, then evenly between its and bushing a layer of butter, prevent rust in the case of stent in the future. 5, cleaning cleaning is completed, the ABS probe fully inserted into the holder from behind, and must be pushed to the end, with the right wheel installation method, can let it return to normal work. 6, covered with butter 'disappear' invisible ring gear in addition to the ABS sensor probe, wheel hub on the gear ring and we also need to clean up regularly, probe and gear ring needs to be kept clean. When cleaning, of course, we first need to check whether the sensor probe cable is in good condition, if the cable faults, so how to clean and no effect, only to change the probe.
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