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Bearing damage provoking troubles! 11 picture help you realize the damage forms, reasons and solutions - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
In mining machinery, it is very important to bearing parts. Like the jaw has 4 sets of bearing, eccentric shaft between the moving jaw and connected with two sets of bearing, eccentric shaft and connection with two sets of bearing housing. Bearing use may encounter in the peel, burns, the problem such as crack defects, probably because selection errors, caused by improper use, or bad lubrication. This article to share the 11 kinds of forms of bearing damage and solution. Bearing in use requires careful attention, let's take a look at the below bearing in use need to be aware of the seven items: 1, keep the bearing and the surrounding clean. Even the eyes can't see the little dust, will also bring bad influence to the bearing. So to keep the surrounding clean the dust from invading bearings. 2, when used carefully. Careless to bearing strong impact in the use, will produce scar, indentation, crack and fracture damage, even become the cause of the accident. 3, use the appropriate operating tools. Avoid to existing tools to replace, must use the appropriate tools. 4, to pay attention to the corrosion of the bearing, avoid use in damp places, pay attention to the operation, with clean hands for not sweat stained, had better wear gloves. 5, the user should be familiar with bearing. Six, bearing using the code of conduct. To make bearing play and maintain proper performance for a long time, regular maintenance (must be made in real Regular inspection) 。 Through proper regular price, achieve the early detection of fault, to prevent accidents.
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