TIMKEN bearing grease filling amount of rubbing fault elimination method - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
In the case of grease lubrication, if add the recommended amount of grease to the TIMKEN bearing ( As an added lubrication , during the first few hours or a few days, According to the speed of the application) TIMKEN bearing friction to produce will be much higher than the initial value calculation. This is because the grease need time, stirring in the bearing of free space distribution. To assess the effect of the factors, can be multiplied by a coefficient of rolling friction torque starting, the light series of bearing is 2, the weight bearing is a series of 4. But after 'break-in' stage, friction moment down to roughly equivalent to the level of the oil lubrication, in many cases, even may drop to a lower level. If add too much grease in the bearing, may cause friction in the bearing. TIMKEN bearing appeared after the injury, not all parts can be repaired, only those who have maintenance value of TIMKEN bearing damage only need repair, it should be damaged TIMKEN bearing sets of inspection appraisal. If is close to or reached the expected service life, it should not be necessary to repair. In addition to judge whether have the repair condition, such as: understanding of TIMKEN bearing structural performance and manufacturing requirements, a variety of tools, equipment needed for the repair, measurement, and the master degree of repair technology, etc. In addition, the cost and after repair TIMKEN bearing performance can meet the requirements of work host must be analyzed. If limited by cost and purchasing conditions, some TIMKEN bearing just hard to prepare adequately for the spare parts or purchase and fails to timely replacement of TIMKEN bearings, etc. , need to consider to repair.
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