The use of imported bearing environment and the choice of lubricant - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
According to the area of use and conditions of use and environmental conditions choose size, precision, with appropriate timken bearing import is the prerequisite of bearing life and reliability. 1, use parts: tapered roller bearing is suitable for predominantly radial load under the combination of radial and axial load, usually with two sets of timken bearing import matching use, should be mainly in car wheel hub, before and after active transmission parts, such as bevel gear, differential, reducer. 2, allows speed: under the correct installation, lubrication good environment, allowing for timken bearing import limit speed of 0. 3 - 0. 5 times. Generally under normal circumstances, with 0. 2 times the limit speed for the most appropriate. 3, allows tilt Angle: taper roller bearings are generally not allowed to have tilted axis relative to the shell hole, if there are any tilt, no more than 2 '. 4, allow temperature: under normal load, and lubricant has a high temperature resistant performance, and abundant lubrication conditions, general bearing in - are allowed 30℃- Work under the temperature 150 ℃. The choice of bearing grease lubrication improper in the cause of premature bearing failure accounted for 36%. General grease can not meet the needs of all kinds of special bearing applications, only use one or all kinds of general purpose grease to satisfy all the timken bearing import application, problems will be caused by far outweighs the benefits of unified brand. Bearing application condition is varied, the correct lubrication is grease and bearing application conditions. Bearing grease is to guarantee the reliability of the bearing a smooth, easy operation and have the largest base, even under the most extreme working conditions. Can prevent pollutants from entering the bearing grease, buffer impact load and corrosion resistance. In the actual application to choose the appropriate grease is bearing the basic conditions for maximum service life. Correct selection of lubricant standard including the timken bearing import type and size, temperature, speed, load and the desired service life and supplemental lubrication cycle.
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