The role of the analysis of plane thrust bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Analysis of plane thrust bearing role today, with the continuous development of industry, the application of plane thrust bearing began more and more widely. In China's industrial development path, plane thrust bearing has played a good role. Here small make up is the way of plane thrust bearing. In general, for ceramic bearing, we mainly can be divided into separate type bearings and is divided into plane thrust bearing, because can only carry axial load, so, for this type of one-way bearings, the we can only make the carry axial load in one direction above, and for two-way bearing, it can carry alternating axial load in two direction. Ceramic bearing axial to in the work must be tight. They are first used in lathe centers, automobile two-way clutch and deceleration machine, etc. Two-way thrust angular touch is suitable for machine tool spindle bearings, one-way thrust Angle touch are used to support ball screw. In addition, for our common plane thrust bearing, is commonly used by using high-speed operation and able to withstand a load thrust bearing design, at the same time also through some ball rolling roll gap control effectively for the bearing ring shape! In addition, this kind of bearings can withstand axial load, but can't bear radial load. The above is the small make up summed up knowledge of the role of plane thrust bearing, hope to help you understand the plane thrust bearing.
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